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PawSox game #2

This is all about my 2nd PawSox game, I think we might be getting season tickets next year! Watch, with my luck, Lou will be in Boston all season!

Guess what? I went to my second PawSox game on August 5th. It was great! We got the cheap seats because all the box seats were sold out. we went to the game 2 hours early, parked in the player parking lot, were the 5th group to enter the stadium, got good seats, and watched batting practice and the team warm-ups!!!

The best part was... I brought my faithful "Lou I love U" sign and guess what? I'm gonna give you a play-by-play of everything that happened!!! Lucky you!

First, we moved down to where players were fielding balls and taking BP. Lou was starting at second, but he, Angelo Encarnacion, and the starting SS (i forgot who) were fielding balls from SS.

Then, Encarnacion saw my Lou sign and started saying, "Lou I love you, Lou I love you!" I was practically rolling around the water from the blocked up drain, which was later fixed. Lou saw the sign, and he waved to me. I said, "Hi!" and he smiled and laughed. That was nothing to anyone else, but to me, it was very special!

Then, Lou was going over to take BP when he waved to me again. I waved back, smiling just like him!! :D

After taking 3 rounds of BP, which he hit a home run in by the way!!! (p.s.- he flied out to the warning track 3 times in the game, he was hitting hard that game!!!) well back to my story, after the BP, he went into left field and was talking to someone on the PawSox (I couldn't tell who it was). I thought Lou was looking over in my direction and my friend said to me, "is Lou looking over here?" So I unrolled the sign and held it up so he could see it. Then, Lou pointed at the sign and waved again!

After that, the PawSOx were going to the locker room to prepare for the game in an hour. Lou gathered 2 practice balls and he tossed one to me! (and one to a girl who had a sign that said "Lou is Hot" but he waved to me 3 times and waved to her only once. Ah ha. (I'm just jealous, I love Lou soooo much! He's my fav.!!)

If you read my first PawSox story, you might remember how I dropped the autographed ball Lou tossed to me. Well, this time, Lou threw the ball a little over my head and to my left, and I didn't even look up at the ball, I just reached up and grabbed it with my left hand! Then Lou said, "Nice catch!" And I said, "Thanks!!!"

Imagine, if I write a story about every PawSox game I go to and we get season tickets next year, I'll have a lot of stories to write!

Note: We found the exit that (at least some of) the players leave from, so I have a good chance to finally get a picture of me and Lou together! I'll post it a million times on my website if it ever happens!!