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These pictures are SICK AND TWISTED and sometimes LAME or just plain FUNNY or PROOF THAT I REALLY HAVE NO LIFE.  Anyways, these are here for your enjoyment.  Yankees fans:  please DO get offended.  It will make my day.  NOTE: these are pictures that I found through search engines and I twisted them BY MYSELF.  The pictures AREN'T MINE, but the sick and twisted creations ARE MINE.  FEEL FREE TO USE THEM ON YOUR SITE, BUT PLEASE ASK ME FIRST!  I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!  THANKS.

WARNING:  Some of these are pathetic and really bad, but I'm new at this!!! Some colors got screwed up too because I'm stupid... anyways don't ask.

David Wells

David Wells?
I never knew! (Don't quit the day job...)

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter?
I never knew! (actually... I suspected it all along!)

Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens?
Ah yes, this isn't actually a messed up picture, it isn't far from the truth...