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My first PawSox experience!

This is about my first PawSox game, the skinny- it was awesome! It was in April against the Mets' AAA team. The PawSox won!!

This game was probably the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. I went with my mom, my friend Zach, and my sister and cousin, both Yankees fans. Well, the story begins when we pulled into McCoy stadium's parking lot filled with cars with retarded drivers who couldn't park for you-know-what and pedestrians that walked in front of us while we were trying to park.

When we got into the park, we took note of the expensive gift shop and decided to check it out later. When I saw the starting lineup, I screamed and almost cried. My beloved Lou wasn't playing!!!! I said, "WHY? WHY THE ONE GAME I GO TO, HE DOESN'T START! NOW I CAN'T SEE HIM ... BLAH BLAH blah..." I eventually recovered from my depression.

We dropped all of our stuff off at our seats, conveniently located in the shade of that rather chilly afternoon. Then, we went to the gift shop. I bought a $5 novelty PawSox ball, hoping to get it signed by someone, and a $10 piece of styrofoam molded into the shape of a bear's paw. That was rather stupid! But, nevertheless, I decided I had to have that paw with the PawSox logo.

As we returned to our seats, Zach and I went on an unsuccessful autograph hunt around anywhere but the crowded dugout area. I had no knowledge of the "fishing" for autographs, and since we were both so desperate for autographs, I untied my shoelaces and tied them to a bag. we put the novelty balls in the bag and I waddled down to the dugout area. we didn't catch anything. :( Then, I heard someone say, "LOU!!!" and I asked, "is he number 15??" because I had no clue what PawSox number he had.

I went over closer to the 3rd base line and saw the team stretching on the field. Then, I noticed Lou walking around third base.

I dashed up to our seats where I kept my piece of green neon posterboard we bought at an Ames store on the way to Pawtucket. With the help of Zach, I scribbled out a sign that read, "Lou I love U!" We darted down (I had replaced my shoelaces so i could run. I was shaking so hard, it took me about 5 minutes to lace them up!!

We saw Lou and a crowd of people waiting for autographs. This nasty security guy who had no idea how much I love Lou was trying to keep everyone away from Lou because he claimed we were distracting the players and the people trying to sit down, even though the seats were empty and the players were stretching!!

The security guy kicked Zach out of the area, but I hopped a row of seats and got right down to the bottom level of seats with a barred fence which was the only thing blocking my from jumping down to see Lou! (which I would have gotten arrested for!!) I followed my common sense and waited my turn, with my novelty ball and a sharpie in one hand and my rolled-up sign in the other hand.

Then, I probably almost had a heart attack. I had Lou's full attention until a kid next to me threw his hat at Lou, and after Lou signed it, he said,
"Ok, sorry, but that's it. No more autographs."

Everyone started to clear away, but in one last attempt to get Lou's attention again I screamed as loud as I could, "LOOOOUUUU!" and held up my sign.

Lou looked up.
He looked at me!!!!!!!
Then he smiled and said,
"Oh wait, I have to get this one!"

Some people in the expensive seating area below looked up and saw my sign. Lou looked very pleased with the sign I whipped up in about 30 seconds! I tossed the ball down to him but i didn't have enough time to toss the sharpie for fear I would be successfully kicked out by the security guard. Lou signed it with a blue pen, I think it might have been his own pen too!

Lou tossed the ball back up to me and (of course being the retard that I am) I dropped it and it rolled back into the field! I repeatedly apologized and then I dropped everthing in my hands on the filthy ground so I wouldn't drop the ball a second time. Then, Lou bent over to pick it up ( i should have taken a picture at that Kodak moment!!!) and tossed it back up to me.

I wanted to thank Lou and tell him, "I love you Lou!" but all I could do was turn around and scream! I climbed back up into our seats and I had to sit down for a good 20 minutes until I stopped shaking.

Then, we went to get food and enjoy the rest of the game.

Now, the ball is sitting in my room in a protective case. I took 4 pictures of Lou when he was up close, but I don't remember taking 3 of them, so they might be interesting! I'm getting them developed and I will post them ASAP. I still can't believe I got Lou to sign a ball for me. It says "Lou Merloni 26". I totally didn't expect to get any autographs. When I woke up that morning, however, I did say, "Today, I am going to get Lou Merloni's autograph." Well, I guess I was right!!